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Serving New Mexico

Meet Our Rescued Boxers

We are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Donations of any amount are welcome. Your generosity is what keeps us able to rescue abandoned Boxers and provide them with a second chance at life.

Boxers in Need of Forever Homes

Meet our loving rescues, who need a new family, here at Boxer Rescue of Albuquerque. We serve clients within New Mexico and occasionally, surrounding states.

Found Boxer - Needs an Emergency Foster! - Please Help!

A Boxer was running around by herself. Another group took her and the Chihuahuas to the city's east side animal shelter. They were told they couldn't take the dogs that day because of a lack of space. They scanned her for a microchip. She has one. They called the two numbers on the chip. One number was disconnected, and no one answered at the other number. I couldn't bring the pup home because of the pack of dogs we have. Another older woman said she could watch the dog, but there were eight dogs at her house. We went to her house to give it a try, but it was too crazy at her house. There was too much energy.  VCA agreed to take the dog. When we took her there, they scanned her chip and called the numbers also. A friend picked up the dog from VCA yesterday. The city has contact info to reach us about the Boxer. Unfortunately no owner has reached out about the dog. All I know about her is she is a girl, microchipped, and has a smooth shiny coat. She was friendly and jumped in one of the girl's back seat right away.

If you think you know this Boxer or would  like to provide a temporary or permanent home for her, please email us right away.

Quigley - Needs an Emergency Foster! - Please Help!

We don't have much information about Quigley.  He was found in the south valley and is currently being cared for by the family that found him. He looks pretty battered right now, but we would like to get him into a home where we can provide him with the medical attention he requires through one of our providers.  He is described as fun, playful, excited and a sweet boxer.  He is good with other dogs and also with kids.

If you would like to provide a temporary or permanent home for Quigley, please email us right away.

Meeko - Re-home Courtesy Post!

Meeko is approximately 4 years old and is neutered and microchipped. Meeko is house trained and crate trained. He is a boxer mix that loves to cuddle on his terms and loves to nap.  He loves toys but needs ones for strong chewers and a squeaker is his nemesis and is meant to be removed promptly when received.  If you give him a treat he runs around like a kid that was just given their favorite candy.  He loves other dogs but would probably be best in a home with no siblings.  Meeko can be bull-headed but really wants to make you happy and in the end does as he is told. Meeko loves showers and will join you, happily, if you let him.  Meeko is a good dog and we are sad to get rid of him but he just doesn’t get along with his brother over food so we have to make the difficult choice to find him a new home. We work from home so he is allowed to hang out inside or out and he does enjoy sunning outside.  He occasionally stays in his kennel for part of the day when he is extra excited.  When we leave he is kept in his kennel due to mild separation anxiety.  That has dropped from significant anxiety when we first got him.  Meeko has become what the vet called Resource Guarding and gets aggressive with our other dog when food is involved.  He has harmed that other dog at feeding time.  We have started feeding them separately but are concerned it could progress.  They do get along fine at other times and they play well together as long as there are no toys or food involved.  He gets along fine with other dogs.

If you would like additional information about Meeko, please email Tracy.

Zarr - Re-home Courtesy Post!

Here are pictures of Zarr. He is a 10 year old neutered brindle boxer.  Deanne got him from the Corrales Animal Shelter where he was removed from his previous home due to abuse. Deanne fostered and eventually adopted him. However, Deanne's rottweiler for whatever reason decided he didn't like him and now just attacks him at random. A fight happened again yesterday and now we are treating all his wounds. I hate to have to give him up, but it's not fair to him to continue to keep getting beat up.

If you would like additional information about Zarr, please email Deanne.

Mariposa - Is Currently at the Rio Rancho Shelter as a stray hold!

Mariposa was a stray/abandoned dog a family was able to rescue in Mariposa.  She seems relatively young (no gray on the muzzle) and it looks like she possibly had a litter recently or was in heat. We scoured the area looking for puppies and found none. We have a suspicion she had a litter, and when they were ready to be sold, mom and dad were dumped in the desert. We found a post of puppies that looked a lot like her in the area, and when someone asked to see the mom everything was removed.  The family ended up taking her to Rio Rancho animal resource center. They said they have been trying to get her for a couple/few weeks with no success, but they also told us they caught a male dog that looked similar very recently, even more reason our suspicions may be right.  She is clearly a very scared and timid dog. Once we got her and had some time to decompress, she did start warming up, to the point she let me and my son (12 y/o) pet her, she actually warmed up very quickly to my son, which makes me confident she’d do well with older children . She made the trap her safe place, so I put a bed in there and she seemed comfortable, coming out and exploring now and then until we were ready to transport her. The family had her checked for a chip and she does not have one, so the shelter has her on a stray hold.  There was absolutely no signs of aggression, not even a fear based nip or growl when approaching her. Her ears eventually perked up, but her tail remained firmly between her legs. The family let their dog approach her (while she was safe in her cage) and she didn’t growl or react negatively at all. We are letting everyone know where she is and that she is on a stray hold as of Friday at the Rio Rancho shelter.

Tarj'et - Has Been Adopted!

We have been contacted by DAGSHIP (Deming Animal Guardians Sunshine Haven Intake Project) Rescue in Deming, NM.  They have  reached out to see if we could help with a 2 year old boxer named Tarj'et.  A family had rescued him from a very bad home situation and was kind enough to take him in.  While the family had hoped they would be able to integrate Tarj'et into their family, they have been having issues with their older dog not accepting Tarj'et. In fact their other dog turned on him so they would like him to go to a safe home. Tarj'et is a really sweet boy,  timid at first but it took less than a minute for the Director of DAGSHIP to pet him and he was as sweet as can be. He walks well on leash, is house trained, works well with other dogs, and loves all people and kids, he does attach to women but is good with males also. He is already neutered and up-to-date on his shots and DAGSHIP will also be getting him a microchip.

Jovi - In Nearby Edgewood **  

Jovi is a 9 year old spayed fawn female weighing approximately 55 lbs. Her vaccinations are current and her medical records are with Canyon Crossroads.  The current owners are moving with very limited space for a Boxer.  Jovi is described as friendly, playful, nervous, smart, and active.

Jovi is crate trained and has no issues with other dogs. Cats are not recommended. Somewhat anxious if left alone. Current owner says only dog may be best.  She just wants to be with someone all day. Won’t approach strangers outside alone. On leash she will. She walks on leash but can pull. She doesn’t like strangers outside (ie: propane filling she could panic and jump fence). Otherwise doesn’t jump fence to escape. Current owners fence is 4-5 feet.  If you are interested please contact Ian the current owner.  Email: [email protected]

If you're interested please click here to contact Ian.

Lulu now Lucy - Has Found Her Fur-ever Home!

This is Lulu, a young 2 year old fawn female boxer.  She is not spayed or microchipped and needs to be properly vaccinated.  We will be scheduling all necessary appointments for Lulu soon.  As you can tell from the pictures Lulu is kept in a crate while inside and spends her days outside in the yard.  Anyone familiar with the Boxer breed knows that this is not a good situation.  Boxers are highly interactive, engaged and sensitive dogs. She weighs approximately 40 lbs, has a full tail and is not house trained. Lulu is described by her current owner as friendly, active and playful. Lulu has been great with the 5 kids and other dogs in our house.

Reason given for re-home: "Single mom with 5 kids and two other small dogs. I can't afford to take care of the dog."  

If you'd like to know more, please email Boxer Rescue.

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