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Serving New Mexico

Meet Our Rescued Boxers

We are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Donations of any amount are welcome. Your generosity is what keeps us able to rescue abandoned Boxers and provide them with a second chance at life.

Boxers in Need of Forever Homes

Meet our loving rescues, who need a new family, here at Boxer Rescue of Albuquerque. We serve clients within New Mexico and occasionally, surrounding states.

Bo - Has Been Adopted!  

Bo is a neutered male Boxer around 2 years old and weighs about 65 pounds.  He is currently being cared for by a family in the south valley near where he was found by another local rescue.  He has been in foster care for about 6 months and is current on all of his vaccinations. Bo has been living with a couple of female chihuahuas and loves their company.  Bo is crate trained, house broken and would prefer his 4 legged roommates to be female.  He loves meeting new people and will offer his paw as soon as you're within reach. He is very lovable and very much loves the attention.


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Ruby Has Been Adopted!

This is Ruby. She was only 10 weeks old when she was hospitalized at the Veterinary Emergency Center on Montgomery Blvd..

As you can see from her pictures her condition wass critical.  Ruby was surrendered to us by an individual that thought this condition would correct itself without seeking veterinary care.  Ruby was not eating or drinking at all prior to being surrendered to us on 11/19.

We were been able to determine that she had hookworms that were left untreated for almost two weeks. Ruby was so sick that she received a blood transfusion her first night in the hospital.

Hookworm infection causes disease through worms eating and sucking blood from the dog's intestine.  This can cause significant blood loss, which can be very severe in young puppies and if left untreated, as in this case, results in a condition called "failure to thrive".

Her blood counts are still a little low but she is improving everyday and she has been adopted into her forever home!

Nolan - Is Available for Adoption!  

Meet Nolan: He is one smart boxer that has a heart of a lion, learns quickly, aims to please and loves deeply. He is being surrendered to Boxer Rescue because of a life changing event for the family. He will need a confident pack leader to provide a stable and positive home setting that will allow him to flourish. He was living with a female husky and got along well. He is described by the family as friendly, active, playful, smart and affectionate. He is crate trained and house broken. However, we always encourage our adopters to revisit house training in a new home. He is described as a cuddle bug that wants the love of the family the same as he gives. Nolan loves to play and is an absolute wiggle butt. He loves pupachinos and will do anything for a little squirt of Ready Whip. He weighs in at 70 lbs. and thinks he's a lap dog. Nolan is still being vetted. We are recommending older kids and a household that doesn't have a lot of visitor traffic. He is currently living with a female shepherd mix and gets along well. He does seem to dislike cats and is suspicious of people he is not familiar with.

Update: received vaccinations on 11/19 and was neutered on 12/14.

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Roxi - Has Been Adopted!  

This little girl is Roxi, a boxer mix. Our best guess is that she is between 2 and 3 years old. She was found living by a ditch in the South Valley, with her only resting place being an old discarded piece of carpet. She was very afraid after she was caught and partially shut down while driving to her foster home. We are recommending chill human introductions, but she'll warm up pretty quickly. Men may take a bit longer than women for her to feel comfortable. She responds well to a confident leader and will open up faster if you focus on her future with you. She is house trained and kennel trained. She loves stuffed toys and anything else that looks like one. She has a moderate energy level, loves to cuddle, and will be a very loyal companion to any lucky family that adopts her. She’s smart and does know sit but still working on other basic commands and her on-leash skills . All in all, Roxi is a very good girl and very much wants to please her humans and will be a great addition to your family.


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Wally - Is Available for Adoption!  

Wally is a 10-11 month old Staffordshire/Jack Russell mix. He is currently around 30 pounds and won't get much bigger. He is high energy, quick to train, eager to please, and adores other dogs. He socializes with other dogs weekly and currently lives with a dominant female. Wally also does well with kids of any age. He would make a great running or hiking partner, although he is just as happy to take a leisurely stroll. He is housebroken and crate trained. He's content to run laps around the yard and then curl up next to you for some love. 


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Sawyer - Has Been Adopted!  

Sawyer is such a sweetheart with very unique markings and hypnotic eyes!   He made his way from the Clovis Animal Shelter to Albuquerque with the help of High Plains Humane Society and Paws on the Go, Inc.. A huge shout out to Leah who met us in Santa Rosa with Sawyer and Alta.  Also, a big thank you to Paige for letting us know about the two pups in Clovis. Sawyer was listed as a stray in Clovis, so we know very little about him.  We're estimating that Sawyer is probably around 11 months old and weighs in at a mere 38 lbs. Unfortunately, something happened when he was in clovis.  He was either hit by a car or suffered some other serious injury to his left hind leg.  If the injury had been addressed at the time, the leg could have been repaired with very little impact to his mobility.  Sadly, the injury was not cared for and the bones did not heal correctly and he lost all mobility in that leg. Regrettably, the best case scenario was to amputate the leg.  Sawyer had surgery on August 19th and is doing well at his foster home with Halo, Lacey and Nikko.  His stitches are healing nicely and he is learning the finer points of balancing on his single hind leg.  As a rescue we have had to do this a few times and the dogs quickly adapt.  Amputation of a hind leg is slightly more favorable, as most of the dogs' weight is supported by the front legs. He is adjusting well and is a very happy playful boy.  


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Alta - Has Been Adopted!  

Alta is a real cutie and her markings are so unique!   She has made her way from the Clovis Animal Shelter to Albuquerque with the help of High Plains Humane Society and Paws on the Go, Inc.. A huge shout out to Leah who met us in Santa Rosa with Sawyer and Alta.  Also, a big thank you to Paige for letting us know about the two pups in Clovis. Alta was listed as a stray in Clovis, so we know very little about her.  We've had a couple of estimates as to her age. One estimate of 10 months and another put her at 2 years.  I think we'll split the difference and go with 14 to 18 months until we're told otherwise. She is also a petite little girl weighing in at only 38 lbs. We will also need to schedule vaccinations and her spay as soon as we can.  Alta is now being fostered with two males and a female. She is playful and happy, but is careful not to overstep boundaries with the other dogs.  She is a little on the shy side of the spectrum and looks to her pack leader for guidance and security.  She has adjusted quickly to her new surroundings and seems to be very happy with no apparent health issues.  


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Alta with her foster home friends!